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  • Saturday in the afternoon, are you there? I am there all afternoon.
    The first time is fine with me (4pm from you, 10pm by me), then you should be Friday night at that hour?
    It is still uncomfortable to me that you're free at night as well, I should get up early; so other times when you are free over night?
    Hi dude, we are against at the tournament "Mini-OU", tell me when you're available; my GTM is +1.
    i'm gmt +1 and i'm free during my afternoons and my evenings, just send me a vm when you want to play
    I'll get on Groudon's Grotto on PO2 if you'd like to play now.

    edit- Pokebattlecenter because I can't find Grotto.
    hey, were you able to get on yesterday? Lets try again some other time, please tell me you showdown username and if you are gmt-5 or gmt+5.
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